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The arcade that I frequented for years closed about a year ago. I now no longer visit arcades with any regularity whatsoever. It was very fun at its peak. Going to an arcade to play games with friends functioned as an outlet very similar to going to a ber with friends to drink. Playing games at home alone or with a few friends just isn’t the same as the playing in a community with friends that play similar games and have similar competitive interests. Just like drinking or dancing at home alone isn’t nearly as fun as going out.

They really were good times. *sigh*

I Love Death

Hey. Watch this video. It’s a flash music video from a band in Finland.


What’s with Alias? Besides the fact that it’s not very good anymore, there have only been two new episodes in the last two months.

Poker Sucks!

We had a six and then seven person tournament. I was the only one who never placed in the top three. In fact, I got sixth both times. I’m the only one who finished the night prizeless. That must make me special… right?

Hitbox Sucks

Lame. I wonder if I actually did get notice. I certainly don’t recall getting any notice. At least those who care don’t have to block the stupid Hitbox cookie anymore.


The people that designed the new Pontiac Grand Prix need to be fired. Or shot and then fired. Then once those people are gone, Pontiac can pay the people that designed the Solstice more money.