Poker Sucks!

We had a six and then seven person tournament. I was the only one who never placed in the top three. In fact, I got sixth both times. I’m the only one who finished the night prizeless. That must make me special… right?

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  1. 1 wojo

    But with two sixth places you get to roll again, so says Ralp!

    Hmm, -$4 (3rd), +$2.5 and -$10, so I’m down down uhh… $11.50 net.  Until next time…

  2. 2 Ralp

    My complaint, although I probably already made myself clear enough repeatedly, is that while Texas Hold’em is a fine game (or at least is unobjectionable in its own right), any single poker variant becomes tedious after playing it over and over and over again, and moreover none reaches the point of tedium more rapidly than such a bland game as Texas Hold’em, save perhaps for something equally unimaginative such as five card draw.

    Anyway, anyone who wants to play [url=]Diplomacy[/url] next sunday, I challenge you to just try to lose as much money as you did at poker.  I think you will find it pleasantly impossible!!

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