The arcade that I frequented for years closed about a year ago. I now no longer visit arcades with any regularity whatsoever. It was very fun at its peak. Going to an arcade to play games with friends functioned as an outlet very similar to going to a ber with friends to drink. Playing games at home alone or with a few friends just isn’t the same as the playing in a community with friends that play similar games and have similar competitive interests. Just like drinking or dancing at home alone isn’t nearly as fun as going out.

They really were good times. *sigh*

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  1. 1 Ralp

    This thread is now about favorite arcade games.  (Your arcade would have wanted to be remembered this way.)
    I’ve never been much of an arcade gamer (since I have never lived near one), but I do fancy myself something of a connoisseur of video games in general, and of course I love having opinions!
    Here are a few of my favorites:
    [*][b]Street Fighter 2[/b] NOT super, alpha, special edition, plus, ultra, EX, prime, hyper, turbo, or any of that nonsense.  There is no such thing as "Cammy" as far as I’m concerned. (chun li plz marry me?)
    [*][b]Q*Bert[/b] This is THE game that got me into games.  My dad took me to an arcade when I was very young (like 3) and he played a game of Q*Bert while I watched; I was completely enthralled.  We later got an Intellivision with the Q*Bert cartridge and I fell in love all over again.  If I were anywhere near solvent enough to own a real live arcade cabinet, without a doubt this would be it.
    [*] No wait, I think I do mean Super Street Fighter 2.  That’s the one where you can play as M.Bison and Vega etc., right?
    [*][b]Defender[/b] Once upon a time there was a crappy little arcade area on the top floor of UCEN at U of M Flint.  One day a dashing young prince named Ralp noticed that there was a new arcade game there called Defender.  Now, he had heard that Defender was somewhat of a "classic" game, but what he did not realize until later is that a real Defender cabinet is practically the Holy Grail of arcade games, even more popular than, say, Pac Man.  (Except maybe not as sought after as the famous Ms. Pac Man cocktail tables.)  No, all Ralp knew is that this Defender machine was set up to give [i]four credits[/i] for a quarter!  What an amazing deal!  Before long Ralp could manage to spend the better part of an hour playing Defender for no more than a dollar.  He told a few of his friends about this excellent value, and they told their friends, and the high score list became actually competitive.  Until one day, disaster struck.  The price of Defender had gone up to one credit per quarter.  The geniuses who ran the arcade must have noticed that this 1980 artifact was somehow their most popular game ever, and then decided they could quadruple their revenue by quadrupling the price.  THAT’S HOW ECONOMICS WORKS, RITE??!??!?  Well, almost no one played it anymore after that.  The Powers that Be noticed that no one was playing it, and they shipped the game out.  It was a Shakespearean tragedy of mismanagement.
    Well, that’s pretty much all I have to write, except that if anyone in this thread admits to ever actually playing Dance Dance Revolution, I swear to GOD that I will punch you in the face next time I see you.  I am not even kidding.

  2. 2 forgo

    Admit to playing?! If I were to rank the arcade games that provided me the most fun, Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) would be ranked in the top three, competing fiercely for the top spot. I’ve traveled to Ann Arbor to play DDR, to Detroit to compete in DDR events and to Flint hundreds of times to play DDR. It’s a classic and a phenomenon.

    If I were to rank the top three, it would go something like this.
    [list][*][b]Marvel vs Capcom 2[/b]
    So much fun. Played hours alone practicing. Played days in a dozen arcades from Saginaw to Detroit. Traveled to two states four times for national events. Met dozens of people in the process and thoroughly enjoyed almost every minute of it.
    [*][b]Dance Dance Revolution[/b]
    In addition to the above, it also kick started my interest in running, making my legs and lungs much stronger. Incredibly fun game, and there’s nothing better for pleasing a crowd.
    [*][b]Tekken Tag Tournament[/b]
    Old now, but great at the time. This is the game we played when I first started going back to the arcade. I became acquainted with many of my future arcade friends playing this game.
    And falling in close behind these would be Tekken 2, X-Men vs Streetfighter, Gigawing, Puzzle Fighter and Puzzloop.

    And now it’s all gone. Practically.

  3. 3 MagnetGenocide92

    Forgo is right having fun and putting on a show for the people is allways A-ok!

  4. 4 Bonesaw

    Tears are falling from my eyes!

    I have a picture of me sobbing over a broken down marvel at the arcade from a while ago.  Now…it is broken down forever..

    Oh marvel…how I miss you so..

    Hey…don’t forget the time when you punched me when I kept throwing you with Spiral in Marvel vs. Capcom 2.  

    DDR… arteries weren’t as clogged with fatty deposits back then…

  5. 5 SCNightmare11

    Forgo i’m very sorry to hear bout ur arcade but all good things must come to an end. Luckily my arcade hasnt yet and my favorite games to play r.

    Marvel vs Capcom 2:i have 1-10 on the high scores list and the highest score i had was with a cheese tea,(cable~beamassist~ /Ironman~aaa~/ sent.~ground assist~ the score is 2 bill. 4 mill….blah blah

    Soul Calibur 2:my arcade has to have some of the best people in the world playing this game so its always fun to play.(Orange Park, Fl mall if u ever wanna check it out……if u cant find it its on the damn map so check)

    street fighter 3 III strike: still tryin to get good at this game wich is understandable since i can only play it at the arcades.

    southpark pinball: this game is the shit u can play it for hours and not get tired of it.

    Time crisis 3: tight game….so play it

    thats it dont know how much good me writing that did but i did neways so there.

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