Archive for June, 2004

Things I Loathe

There are few things in life that I despise. I could probably name a couple. Beets. The Bachelor. Umm.. other stuff. But I’m fortunate enough to have the option of not eating beets while I watch the bachelor, thus avoiding the things that I hate. There is, however, one thing that I just can not escape. And that thing is Wojo’s goddamn headphones. They are the type of headphones that are open. This means that an equal amount of sound goes into his ear as escapes into the environment and subsequently into my ears (because we work together in the same room). “They’re open,” he says, “So they sound better.” So, day in and day out, I’m forced to either listen to my music through my headphones or listen to his music through his headphones. And that is why I loathe his seemingly harmless headphones.

Not a good weekend

On Saturday I went swimming with my expensive camera phone. On Sunday lightning struck my house and blew up two computers, a laser copy/fax machine and a few other things. On Monday I was carrying some Sam Adam’s Cream Stout and the bottom gave out and I broke a bottle. Beer was everywhere. I think I’m going to cry.

Poison Oak

My poison oak itches. Feels so gooood when I itch it. Mmmm.

To be continued…