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After 3 months, I found my watch! I thought it was gone forever! *weeps for joy*

1 Gallon 1 Hour

My company recently moved into a new office. We were worried our antics would forever stay in our old office (a converted apartment). But the good news is that we seem to take our fun/action/stupidity with us wherever we go. We’ve gotten some folks at our new office to enter the water challenge. The challenge is to drink 1 gallon of water in 1 hour. We’re not sure exactly how tough it will be. I’ll let you know.

Update: It’s not THAT hard. Four of the six competitors successfully finished their gallons. One guy threw his water up before finishing. Another lost his water after finishing. The fastest time was about 48 minutes. The longest was 59 minutes and some seconds. Now we need to figure out what’s next. (Please drink responsibly.)

Mozilla Firefox

You should download Firefox. It’s a web browser much, much better than Internet Explorer. At least I think so, and that’s all that matters.

12:00 PM

I once stayed up really late to see a tv show that was on at 12 PM. I pushed past 10 PM, 11 PM and ahh, finally 12 came. But to my confusion and eventual realization and surprise, it was 12 AM, not 12 PM. 12 PM = noon. 12 AM = midnight. 12 AM on Tuesday means Tuesday morning and Monday night. They should teach every little kid this to prevent them from having their tv hopes dashed with the switch of a letter.

Cow Poop

My drive home consists of about 10 seconds of driving between a couple of farms. It almost always smells like cow poop. Maybe I take that way home cause I like cow poop. I don’t think so, but maybe.