My Dog Died Last Night

This is P-Jay. He was 15 years old. He’d been having seizures the last few days brought on by Cushing’s Disease. He was scheduled to be put to sleep this morning, but he decided he would have none of that. Instead, he had a massive seizure last night and stopped living. He was a good dog, and he will be missed. Here’s to P-Jay.

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  1. 1 ron

    my dog also died last night, it was a hit and run. my dog "G" hated cats with a passion, until recently he never chased beyond our yard. last night he got too brave. "G" was a cocker spaniel, a natural born hunter. "G" was more human than 75% of people walking upright, i would kill for him and he would kill for me. To say i will miss him is an understatement, i dont know if i can get past this, im an alcoholic, been sober for over ten years, last night i drank some malt liquor, i am in pain, death is way too damn random, if i ever find the person who killed "G" they will pray for death. a memorial now stands in my yard, the place G liked to lay down and relax, on the stone it reads "still watching, love "G" " whenever i left for work in the mornings i would tell G "watch em" meaning my family, he would answere with a bark. more human than human. I am broken

  2. 2 Ralp

    this is a sad thread 🙁
    i am using the "sad" message icon 🙁

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