Off Leash

We’re really not supposed to let Loki off of the leash, but sometimes we can’t help ourselves. When he’s playing in the back yard with Bubba and the neighbor dog(s), he just can’t keep up when he’s tied up. And (possibly worse) it seems inevitable that he’ll hurt himself when he’s in a full sprint or jumping off of something, hits the end of his rope and *BAM*, his neck stops, but his body continues forward in a jolted arc. It looks really bad.

So, we let him off of the leash. This is something we may only do when dad is around. He is quick enough to keep Loki trapped in the backyard (for now). Our back yard is nice in that it is fairly enclosed. There is only one way for him to run, and it’s fairly easy to keep that direction blocked off. We may need a better solution as he gets older (bigger, faster, stronger) like a combination of invisible fence, careful training and a watchful eye, but for now it’s fun for all as they tackle and chase each other, their toys and us.

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