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Snap Lead

A lot of the training we want to give Loki can’t start yet because he’s not quite old enough (some people say 4 months, some say 6 months). True, we are prepping him for training by getting him used to some words like sit, down, stay and come. But he’s really too young to act consistently or remember what he just learned the previous day, which is slightly frustrating to say the least (I think dad is a bit too demanding and has a slightly lacking patience level, but he tries!).

We recently purchased a Snap Lead to help with our training. The purchase was primarily driven by Loki’s incessant need to try to pull us around during walks (we’ve read you should not move when he starts pulling so he knows that pulling on the leash will get him nowhere, but if we did that, our walk around the block would almost literally never end). Curious and excited to try it, we opened the package and watched the video last night. It looked easy enough! Pull the leash so it makes a noise whenever the dog isn’t paying attention to you and wanders to the end of the leash. So, we tried it.

Our problems:

  1. We can’t seem to get it to snap loudly. It jerks the dog backward towards us (almost seemingly too violently), but doesn’t snap loudly. I’m sure we just don’t have the technique, yet.
  2. Loki doesn’t seem to care much about it. We’ll snap it, and he’ll sometimes return to us like he’s supposed to but usually either ignores it or turns around and sits down. I think we need to refine our technique and continue to condition his response.
  3. He’s not old enough. It says wait until he’s four months. It’s likely that Loki just isn’t able to comprehend what’s going on, yet.

Regardless, it seems like a great product. We’ll keep trying.