There’s a lot of construction between my house and my office. Every morning it’s like navigating a gauntlet. From one day to the next, it’s almost impossible to tell what roads will be opened or closed. I think in the beginning of the construction season (there were dinosaurs), they at least tried to notify people. You’d see signs saying, “Road will be closed starting August 1” or whatever. Then you’d see that sign on some other road saying it was going to be closed. And eventually I think those workers got sick of lugging that sign around every day, and they chucked it off of a bridge. Then they told there boss, “Uhh, no, I don’t know what happened to it. Some damn kid most have taken it.” So then they couldn’t notify us of roads closing anymore. And now the only notice we get is an orange sign that says “Road work ahead” on the day it’s happening and anyone’s guess is as good as mine as to what that might mean. Sometimes it means they’re fixing something on the side of the road, and sometimes the entire road is closed. So, every morning we cross our fingers, take a deep breath and hope we make it to work without having to turn around more than twice.

Oh yeah, I also hate it when you’re at a four way stop that expands from a single lane to two at the intersection to allow people to turn right without waiting and someone wants to save 20 seconds so they go out into the right lane and then go straight and try to merge back into the lane.

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  1. 1 Ralp

    You know sometimes you are supposed to do that if a lot of traffic turns left at that intersection but it is usually pretty well labelled if this is the case and I assume you already realize this and the circumstance I just described is not what you are describing!

    I used the "lamp" icon for this post you know like a traffic light!

    Hey did you know that in Florida there is no such thing as a flashing red for left turns?  Ok well I guess I can’t speak for Florida as a whole but the Fort Lauderdale Department of Transportation has had some pretty wacky ideas over the years.

  2. 2 forgo

    I don’t THINK it’s legal in the situation I’m talking about, especially because half the time it ends up in two cars going straight and having to quickly merge back into one lane.

    For the part for Florida you can speak of, do you get to go straight or turn first at an intersection? (i.e. does the turn lane light or the straight lane light turn green first)

  3. 3 Ralp

    [quote]For the part for Florida you can speak of, do you get to go straight or turn first at an intersection? (i.e. does the turn lane light or the straight lane light turn green first)

    I know what you are getting at here and I prefer the pattern "Straight Green Light + Left Flashing Red" followed by Left Green Arrow like the main intersection in Lapeer (Davison Rd. & M-24).

    The other pattern of left arrow before straight (like the main intersection in Davison: Lapeer Rd. & M-15!) is pretty dumb because then if you pull forward into the intersection on flashing red and oncoming traffic never lets up enough to let you turn, you don’t get the green arrow to bail you out!  Cross-traffic will get green arrows while you are in the middle of the intersection with a red light, and I don’t know if that is legal or what but I hear Davison cops are jerks anyway.

    But to answer your question, the vast majority of intersections down here use NEITHER of those timings, but instead do Left turn and Straight Green simultaneously (for only one direction at a time of course).  Most intersections have two dedicated left-hand turn lanes, and what this amounts to is that if you just miss a left green arrow, you will probably have to wait a long fucking time for the next one. >:(

    In fact, it is actually more complicated than that because I am pretty sure that traffic signals down here make extensive use of under-road vehicle sensors to dynamically adjust their timings, because there are some lights I just cannot figure out, even despite the great deal of unecessary thought I like to put into traffic patterns, as I am sure is evident from this post!

    Anyway check out this intersection that I drive through more than twice a day on average in all directions!  [url=http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=26.232079,-80.185411&spn=0.003968,0.005636&t=h&hl=en]Lyons & Atlantic[/url]

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