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Neutering Update

They’re gone!

He was in a bad mood the whole day after it happened. He whined in the car all the way home. He whined at home whenever someone wasn’t talking to him and petting him. Then, unfortunately, we had to go out for the night for a friend’s birthday party. When we got back, he was fine! He was happy and licky and waggy and running around the house and outside like his normal self. If it wasn’t for the big plastic cone on his head (picture coming soon!), you wouldn’t know anything had happened at all.

His aunt was watching him for the night while we were gone, and apparently the story goes like this. He was whining the whole night and then from one second to the next, BAM! he was fine. He started running around the house, chasing the other dog and doing everything he could to drive her crazy. Apparently, he didn’t like the after effects of the anesthesia. As soon as that wore off, he was fine. He’s been a champ since. We give him pain pills, but I don’t think he even needs them.