Loki is the champ. He’s doing well and really starting to fill in. Let me try to recap in brief.

  • He _LOVES_ the snow. He can just sit and lay and play in it indefinitely. I’ll have to put up some pictures of his first snow. Very cute.
  • We’re getting him ready to pull a sled. He’s being harness trained now so he can pull his sled soon. Along with that goes the command training. Gee = right. Haw = left.
  • We are becoming much more comfortable with him having access to the entire house. He used to be restricted to the downstairs. Now, he’s allowed to roam the upstairs, also. He’s learned to ask to go outside upstairs and downstairs, which helps alleviate concerns about leaks on the carpet.
  • He sleeps in the bed for part of the night now! We like that. But can’t let him get spoiled to the point that he expects it and won’t sleep without it.

That’s good for now. Until next time.

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