We bought a Dyson. The DC14 Animal. It’s very nice. It’s definitely better than the old Hoover we had before, but we’re not sure if it’s really that much better than a nice vacuum by Eureka or Hoover or anything else that costs half as much. It seems to work really well on the carpet. Embarrassing anything we have that vacuums the same spot before it. There are so far two things that I don’t like about it, though.

The attachments that come with the Animal are kind of disappointing, or at least the one we were the most excited about. It has a little mini vacuum that you put on the attachment hose that is described as being good for pet hair on furniture. I am so far of the opinion that it sucks. If you apply even a medium amount of pressure, the brush stops spinning. Even when it is spinning, it doesn’t work well.

The other thing I don’t like is that the closest the front of the vacuum gets to the wall when pushed against it is about an inch or so. You have to either vacuum along the wall or pull the attachment hose off and use that (which is easy, thankfully).

We got it at Bed, Bath and Beyond, which apparently lets you return stuff at any time after you buy it. It might be worth getting the non-Animal one without the silly attachments and save $100 or so. Also, if you want something that works really well at getting dog hair off of furniture, you should get this Evercare Mitt. It’s awesome. Maybe I’m just spoiled by it, and that’s why the Dyson thing sucks.

Edit: I was vacuuming yesterday, and I remembered that I also like the fact that there is no smell when you vacuum. You don’t get that vacuuming smell in the air. You know what I mean.

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