Archive for April 27th, 2006

The Dog Park

Loki’s been visiting dog parks around the area for the last couple of weeks. There are about 4 of them that are within an acceptable drive’s distance away. There is one in Ann Arbor that has had the most dogs so far. When we went last Monday, there were about 20 dogs all running around chasing each other and playing keep away with sticks and jumping in the water. It was amazing to me at first to see so many dogs getting along and playing together. Very cool.

More pictures from the park are here.

How Much Water I Use

I became curious today as to how much water I use in a day. So, I tried to calculate it. These are estimates only and don’t include a lot of things.

  • Showers @ 2.5 gallons per minute * 10 minutes = 25 gallons
  • Drinking @ 16 oz a glass * 6 glasses = 1.5 gallons
  • Toilet flushes @ 4 gallons per flush * 2 flushes = 8 gallons
  • Urinal flushes @ .4 gallons per flush * 4 flushes = 1.6 gallons

For a total of 36.1 gallons. Wow.

My shower says 3 gallons per minute max, and I don’t think I’m maxing it. And I have an older toilet that still uses a lot of water at home (5 gallons I think instead of <2 like the newer ones) and newer toilets at work (I think) so I took a weighted average.