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Tiki Boat

We’re on the Tiki Boat now. Good fun.


I’ll try to summarize the last two days. After the pool party the other night we went to the Nikki Beach Club, which had good dance music, half of the club on the beach and a lot of nice things to look at. We left that at 3 AM or so and went to bed. Yesterday was Education Day until about 7 PM. Then is was the Luau dinner party followed by a late night cocktail party. That got done at 1:30 AM or so. Then we went to an Irish pub, almost got into a brawl and went to Mangos until some time in the morning. We finished the night off in the hotel with a 13 person poker tournament and a failed attempt to get some pizza. I’ll elaborate more later because there are some good stories.

5:30 AM

It’s 5:30 AM, I just got back to the room and I’m really tired.