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In Miami now. Damn it’s hot.


We’re leaving Minneapolis now. Woot.


I’m on my way to Miami. I didn’t bring a computer on this trip making this the longest time away from it since I got it. I will try to post all of the uninteresting highlights of the trip from my phone, though. Forgive typos.

Hands Free

You know what I hate? (I don’t actually hate it. I just notice it and am maybe slightly annoyed by it.) I hate when someone has a hands free headset and when they get a phone call, instead of picking up and answering the phone, they take five seconds to put an ear piece in and then answer the phone. And then talk for five more seconds and hang up. When I call one of these people, I can see the person doing it as it rings an extra three times. Then I talk to the person for 57 seconds but because of the extra five seconds of ringing, the 62 second long phone call gets rounded up to two minutes instead of one. It’s no wonder my cell phone bill is so high.

General Contractor

I was behind a pickup truck today that was apparently a company vehicle for a general contractor company. I knew this because it said “General Contractor” on the right side of the back of the truck. It also had a company logo on the left side and a phone number in the middle. The phone number was not applied carefully — some numbers were closer together than others, the middle numbers were placed lower than the rest and the whole thing was crooked. As I’m looking at this, the first thing I think of is that I would not want to hire this company. If they can’t take the time to make this representation of their company look good, then why would I think they would take the time to do their work very well? Or maybe they spend all of their time doing their work. Or maybe I’m crazy.

Burnt Toast

Everyone knows the little knob (or lever or what have you) on toasters with the picture of a white piece of toast on one side and a black piece of toast on the other. Now, I know that one picture will get my lightly toasted toast, and the other will get me very toasted toast. What I don’t know, though, is how it makes it more toasted. Does it toast at the same heat for longer? Or does it toast with more heat for the same time?

Loki’s Birthday

Yesterday was Loki’s 1st birthday. We sang him a song, but he didn’t get any presents. He is apparently the equivalent of a 10.5 year old child now. And I am the equivalent of a 3.25 year old dog.