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Radioactive Dogs

While I am interested in dogs that are superheroes (see Underdog), and it is likely that radiation could cause such a transformation, I still didn’t really care about most of this radioactive dog park article. But I did find it funny when “a Los Angeles-based nuclear watchdog, the Committee to Bridge the Gap (CBG)” said,

“We thought a nuclear dump in Brentwood was impossible,? said CBG founder Dan Hirsch in a series of interviews begun in 2001. “They generally put them near poor people. Then we researched and discovered that indeed the VA had been dumping radioactive waste [there].?

Uhh..? Nice one, Dan. I agree that a little radiation might do them poor folk some good.

The Omen

Just to be clear, I’m talking about the 2006 version. I’ve heard the original is good. But the new one is absolutely horrible. Absolutely. Horrible. Wrong. Right. Please let this be sarcasm. Wrong even if he gave me eight bucks to see it, and the kid was horrible; it was like, “Okay Sean, make an angry face. Awww.. he’s so cute! It’s perfect!” I’m with ya, brother, I liked the preview. Please don’t make two more! PLEASE! Finally, right right right (except the kid part) and right.

Todd Levin Needs Privacy

I’ve been a fan of Todd Levin’s site Tremble for a while. In fact, it’s one of two links on the right side. He’s a funny funny guy. On my most recent visit, I came across his very short film called A Little Privacy. It’s as funny as he is.

For Sale

Next time I want to sell something like a couch or tv or stove, this is what I’m going to do. I’m going to get a car and a marker. I’m going to park the car out by the street. I’m going to take the marker and write this on the windshield:

Great condition. No scratches.
Very reliable. Works good.
$500 O.B.O. for stove with cord.

How Often?

This post at Kottke got me curious on how often content is added to forgo daily. We all know that there are usually too many posts to even keep up with, but let’s put it into numbers.

Over the last 6.6 years or so, there has on average been new content added every 77.6 hours.
Over the last 887 days, every 269.5 hours.
Over the last 522 days, every 272.3 hours.
Over the last 93 days, every 139.6 hours.

Look, it’s on the rise again! Whoopee!

Movies In Brief

Okay, here are my reviews of recently watched movies.

Saw 2: No.
The Ringer: No.
Fun with Dick and Jane (2005, not 1977): Yes.

I was going to write my idea for Saw 3, but it basically just involved water balloons, slingshots and fast food, and I gave up.