Napster is cool. And not.

Napster is cool. I pay ten bucks a month and can play virtually anything I want. I just search for something or click around in Napsters suggestions for a while, inevitably find something good and start listening. I use it at work, and I use it at home. I can whip out just about any old song that someone remembers from that one time in high school. It really is fun.

Napster also is not cool. There are several UI and playback quirks that drive me nuts.

  • For one, it doesn’t have global hotkeys (a la Winamp or foobar2000). I can’t blame it too much for that because most media players don’t have this it seems.
  • Secondly, separating the player from the main window doesn’t work very gracefully. I can’t easily minimize the player portion without going through the horrid docked mode. If I’m playing music in the player, and I click the ‘X’ in the main window to put it into the system tray, it stops the music.
  • Third, the window is not a standard Windows window. So any app I may have to minimize programs to the tray doesn’t work.
  • Fourth, if I have a bunch of songs queued up in the player, and I exit the program, all of those songs are lost. That’s just stupid.
  • Fifth, my library exists on any computer I use my Napster account from. That’s good. However, my playlists exist only on the computer on which they’re created. Dumb.

I’m still trying to figure out if I want to keep using Napster, but it must be at least a little good because I’ve paid for one month so far.

One tip to get around number five above is to use FolderShare or something similar to sync your user data directory (C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Napster\bin) between any computers that use Napster.

5 Responses to “Napster is cool. And not.”

  1. 1 Ralp

    ahaha nice title nooby, with any luck the illustrious forgo dot net will soon claim the coveted #1 spot on google for the query “NAPTER”!!~ hahaja pwned

    also what the FUCK is up with using <ul> tags around what is CLEARLY an ORDERED list???????????? u relly xpect 2 survive in dis dog-eat-dogworld of WEB 2.O?? u betar ship up or shape out :I

  2. 2 forgo

    *adds a bookmark and waits*

    I ordered it myself. See the words? If I used an ordered list, it would have made the numbering redundant.

  3. 3 Ralp

    <ol style=”list-style:disc”>

  4. 4 forgo
  5. 5 forgo

    I dropped from 10th, so I fixed it. Oh well.

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