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We picked up our new Siberian Husky puppy two weeks ago today. He was a little demon from the start. He’s VERY loud and VERY persistent. We’re having to repeatedly enforce the house rules because he keeps pushing his boundaries (maybe he’s too young to do that intentionally, but he’s still doing it). The good thing is that he seems to be very intelligent. The house training is going well. He’s doing nicely on the leash training. We just settled on his name, so we can start teaching him his name and some basic commands now.

He sleeps in a crate at night. The first few nights we had the crate in the bedroom, and he slept fine. Then on the first weekend, we moved the crate out to the living room. He cried for over an hour each night for the first few nights. On the first Saturday morning, he started crying at about 5:45 AM. We decided we try to let him stop crying before we let him out to not associate the whining with getting out of the crate. Well, at 8:15 AM or so he still hadn’t stopped. We gave up and got him out because it was time for his breakfast. But he’s that bullheaded about nearly everything.

The first dozen or so times we fed him, he would go completely crazy as we brought the food out. When it was set down, he would smash his face into the bowl, scattering food everywhere and trying to eat everything as fast as possible. Leftover behavior from when he shared a bowl with his siblings.

He plays pretty rough with Loki now. He jumps on Loki’s back, bites his chest and legs and generally pesters him a lot of the time. If Loki is chewing on something, Kuma gets close to him and just barks and whines in his ear until Loki starts whining. Sometimes Loki gives it up, and sometimes Loki snaps and swats at him.

I guess that’s all for now. You can see some more pictures of him, also.