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I never posted at the time, but I wrecked my car in August. I basically turned left right in front of an Envoy going about 50 MPH in an intersection, got hit and spun 180 degrees. The accident happened at about 7:30 AM, and the car was towed to a local salvage yard within the hour. I called my insurance company, Progressive, as soon as I got to work. A guy from Progressive was down to inspect the car within a few hours and was finished within an hour or so after that with the verdict that the car was totaled. I met him at the bank shortly after and had a check in my hand for the totaled car by about 2 PM the same day.

I have always been impressed with Progressive — from their nice online system, to great rates, to quick and responsive customer service, but I was VERY impressed with how quickly they completed this claim process and now recommend them to everyone. Geico’s commercial advertises that they have a guy out to inspect the car within 2 days, but Progressive had my check in the same day. And Progressive is a lot cheaper (for me at least).

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