Toilet Prank

I swear that 90% of my post ideas come in the bathroom. If only I could redirect that creative thought to something constructive. Instead I sit here writing about this.

It would be fun to get a little fake but realistic looking bee and stick it in the toilet in a place that you wouldn’t see until after you’ve already sat down. I’m thinking under the lip on the inside of the front of the bowl. Then a person gets all ready to go, sits down, starts doing business and looks down to see a menacing bee staring back up at him just a couple of mere inches from the things he wants a bee near the least. And what can he do at that point? Reach in and try to swat it? Pinch and run? Either way it sucks for him and is hilarious for everyone else.

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  1. 1 Steve

    Oh, the pain that would be caused… that’d be so awesome.

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