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Most Underappreciated Windows Feature

Is this feature forgotten? Or did anyone ever know about it? I think many people have come across it and immediately dismissed it without a second thought. Hopefully you already know about it and use it if it fits your workflow or don’t if it doesn’t. Ready for it?

It’s the Shortcut Key on Windows Shortcuts.

I didn’t have a use for shortcuts for years. It was the annoying thing that I accidentally clicked in the New menu when I right-clicked in Windows Explorer. But now I use them just to attach a shortcut key to them.

Instead of using the Quick Launch toolbar (or a similar third party shortcut toolbar) or the Start menu or trying to move windows around to get to my desktop, I just create shortcuts for my most commonly accessed folders, applications, web pages and anything else. When I want to open a folder, I just hit CTRL-ALT-W (or whatever the shortcut is), and BOOM it pops up right in front of whatever windows I’m looking at. It is a tremendous time and annoyance saver for me. Give it a try!