Mash Up

spider doyle I’m getting married in ten days; am looking forward to both the wedding and the end of planning for the wedding. Kuma was fat at about 60 pounds; he looks much better now at 53; we just have to get him trained a bit better and we can show him. For some reason I’m interested in baseball at the moment; I hate baseball; games are so long. Pillage the Village is my game of the moment. Work is very busy right now; we’re all swamped and are in the process of hiring at least two new people in addition to the one we already hired (hi Jerm!). I’m still eating fairly well, but the days are so busy that it’s hard to keep up with all of the meals I’m supposed to eat; and forget about working out with any consistency for the next ten days. Okay, I’m tired; ‘night.

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