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My Centro Experience

I couldn’t find enough Centro reviews before I got one, so I’ll chronicle my experience in this post. To put this in context, I’m coming from a Treo 650.

– fast internet
– it’s smaller? doesn’t feel smaller enough to make a difference for me
– the screen is great (but that’s not to say it would be great on the next one, even though the next one might have correct home and phone buttons and non-creaky plastic on the back — read below)
– the earpiece speaker gets LOUD: quite loud enough for me in any situation and much louder than the 650

– my home and phone buttons are raised up a bit and much harder to press than the calendar and messaging button (this is similar to my treo experience where I couldn’t find one phone that didn’t have at least one shoddily put together part)
– the square edges of the dock connector dig into my hand during one hand operation
– there’s a very slight raised edge along the edges of the keyboard making the already small keys on the edge of keyboard an oomph harder to hit
– I HATE the stylus, just hate it; hate it so much I dislike when I’m forced to use it; I would likely seek out an aftermarket metal stylus
– the silver plastic on the back of the phone around the speaker is squishy and creaks when you press on it
– the earpiece speaker is tinny and seems to “rattle” (I’m not hip on my uhh… terms here)
– it take a really long time to reset (after installing an app or something) — at least compared to a 650

Final Update: Bottom line: I kept it.