Busy Weekend

This weekend …

We got our washer and dryer. Cylindria is a laundry fiend. She’s had withdrawal. She’ll be cheerier after she’s had her fix.

We took the boys to the vet for the first time in Denver. The vet (like nearly everything else) is very close — about 1 mile away. We suspected the dogs were sick. They’ve been at the dog park every day with tons of other dogs, have been drinking from the water dish at the dog park (which ends up being half water and half dog saliva) and have not been vaccinated with Bordetella (which protects against doggie colds). The vet said they likely don’t have it or have a very mild case. They’ve been dog park deprived all weekend, though.

We bought our window treatments. They’re these in Camel with top down and down up. We should have them in a couple of weeks. We’ll continue practicing our naked window avoidance skills until then.

We bought trash cans for the bathrooms and drawer organizers for the kitchen. EXCITING!!

I finished sealing the kitchen granite tile counter top. Phew. I also got our wood floor cleaning supplies. It looks really nice after a good washing.

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