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Explosions in the Sky


We’re going to a concert tomorrow night at a small theatre (see, they spell it “THEATRE” on the ticket so there) in Denver. I’ve liked Explosions in the Sky for years and just happened to see them listed on the marquee for the theatre as we drove back from the Flatirons on the weekend. I yelled, “Hey!” and cranked my neck backwards to confirm and then tried to not swerve into oncoming traffic and then bought some tickets at home (I feel extorted by TicketMaster, though). Should be a grand time!

Hiking at the Flatirons

We went hiking with the boys at the Flatirons in Boulder on Saturday. We went just about the distance we wanted to, but the hike was sprinkled with times where we weren’t sure where we were or where exactly to go so it seemed a bit farther/longer. I made a wrong turn once, and we ended up climbing down a fairly steep decline for a bit until she made me turn around. Good thing, too; it really wasn’t the right way, and it was the one time when the dogs didn’t pull us forward. They sort of just sat down unhappily in the dirt and pebbles that were sliding down the rock and didn’t want to move.

When we started the hike, it was fairly sunny:

By the time we left, it was snowing:

There are some more pictures here.

Unhappy Michigan Democrats

A good acquaintance of mine recently wrote a letter to the Democratic National Committee describing his displeasure and confusion at essentially not being able to vote for the democratic candidate but at the same time being asked to donate money to the DNC. He’s not alone in his feelings. While I don’t claim to support or not support his views or any political party, I felt inclined to post his letter (with his permission) simply because I enjoyed it. Here it is:

March 13, 2008

Democratic National Committee
Membership Records Dept.
430 South Capitol Street, SE
Washington, D.C. 20003

Dear DNC,

I’m writing to request that you call me discuss a most puzzling matter, and for your convenience, I have enclosed funds to offset the cost.

As I understand your solicitation letter, which I have received annually since 2002, you want me to support an organization that is determined to deprive me of my vote this coming November. You want me to help fund an effort to disenfranchise me (and untold millions of others in my home state of Michigan as well as Florida) in this one of the most historic opportunities for Democrats since FDR stood at the helm of our nation.

I am proud to say I have supported the Democratic Party with either my votes or financial support since turning 21 and voted for the first time for Lyndon Johnson in 1964, and, yes, for George McGovern in 1972 when hardly anybody else took that courageous step!!

So I am mystified as to why you want, first, to deprive me of continuing this rich history of citizenship and second, to actually help provide money to do it!!

I’m sorry for being so thick-headed, but something just doesn’t feel right, you know?? Granted, I’m going on age 67, and probably won’t have that many more opportunities to support my Democratic candidate for president, and the Democratic Party to which I always subscribe and for which I so proudly cast my presidential vote every four years, and every two years for our Democratic state and national congressional leadership.

But I just don’t get it…

I hark back to the day when we were known as “yellow dog democrats,? the kind of solid party supporter that would even vote for a yellow dog, as long as he/she was a Democrat. Now — well, I just don’t know…

Please call me at <number omitted> any workday evening after 8:30 P.M. when I return home after working 11 hour days and explain to my most befuddled mind how – and why — you want me to help deprive myself of this quadrennial privilege. Many thanks in advance for the courtesy of your response.


<name omitted>
<email address omitted>

I have not included the $.35 that he included with his letter.

Water with Calories

My water has less calories than your water. You have to do 200 extra sit ups to burn off the extra calories in your water. You’re stupid. I’m smart. WTF. The commercials for the flavored water with hundreds of calories vs the flavored water that only has forty calories are silly. DRINK REGULAR WATER. Imagine how smart you’ll be then.

USB Modem on Palm Centro with Vista over Bluetooth

I bought Mobile Stream’s USB Modem a bit ago. My laptop at the time didn’t have Bluetooth, so I used it exclusively over USB. Then, I recently got a new laptop that does have Bluetooth. USB Modem works over bluetooth, so I set about figuring out how to set it up. Apparently, it’s supposed to be obvious how to set it up because the USB Modem documentation simply says “Consult the documentation that comes with your Bluetooth software on setting up the DUN connection,” and I could not find any documentation with my bluetooth “software”. My Internet search turned up a bunch of nothing. So, I took bits and pieces of clues from different places, rolled up my sleeves, broke and had to restore my computer and figured it out. I’ll list what I did for the benefit of others cause it worked for me and may work for someone else.

First, we add the bluetooth modem.

  1. Pair the Centro with the computer (even _I_ figured that out without any frustration)
  2. Bring up the Bluetooth Devices window (Start -> “bluetooth” -> Bluetooth Devices)
  3. Go to the COM Ports tab and click Add…
  4. Ensure Incoming is selected and click OK
  5. Go to the Devices tab, select your Centro and click Properties
  6. Go to the Services tab, put a check next to Dial-up networking (DUN) and click OK
  7. Click OK again to get rid of the Bluetooth Devices window
  8. On the Centro, select Bluetooth connectivity mode and enable modem mode (I also suppressed built in DUN under the menu options in USB Modem)

Then, we create the network connection.

  1. Go to the Network and Sharing Center
  2. Click “Connect to a network” link on left
  3. Click “Standard Modem over Bluetooth link” or whatever you named it
  4. Enter the phone number (#777 for me with Sprint) and the username/password for your data plan (the username is displayed in the network prefs on the Centro; I’m not sure exactly where to find the password, but I got mine from a representative one time when on the phone)
  5. Click Connect

Does it work? I think those are the steps I followed. I sometimes have to toggle the bluetooth radio on my laptop to get it to work. I have a Dell Latitude D630 with Vista. I assume, but don’t know, that you could safely substitute “Treo” for “Centro” in the instructions above.

I hope that helps someone!


I work from home now (which is good and bad, but that’s a different story). Denver is very dry. And winter is very dry. And I don’t think our furnace has any humidifying capability. So the air in the house is almost always very dry. This results in a lot of static shocks. I’m very conscious around computers and things, and I discharge before I start working (typically by touching a screw in a light switch panel). Unfortunately, my dogs don’t understand why their nose gets shocks randomly when they sniff things around the house. They also don’t realize that it’s bad for computers. This results in Kuma shuffling his feet around the house and rolling around on the carpet and then heading for my desk. I can hear the static crackling on his hair. Then he goes in for the sniff on my keyboard tray and *ZAP*. He recoils and the shock goes into my tray and my keyboard and makes it stop working. I have to unplug and plug it back in to make it work again. Good stuff.