USB Modem on Palm Centro with Vista over Bluetooth

I bought Mobile Stream’s USB Modem a bit ago. My laptop at the time didn’t have Bluetooth, so I used it exclusively over USB. Then, I recently got a new laptop that does have Bluetooth. USB Modem works over bluetooth, so I set about figuring out how to set it up. Apparently, it’s supposed to be obvious how to set it up because the USB Modem documentation simply says “Consult the documentation that comes with your Bluetooth software on setting up the DUN connection,” and I could not find any documentation with my bluetooth “software”. My Internet search turned up a bunch of nothing. So, I took bits and pieces of clues from different places, rolled up my sleeves, broke and had to restore my computer and figured it out. I’ll list what I did for the benefit of others cause it worked for me and may work for someone else.

First, we add the bluetooth modem.

  1. Pair the Centro with the computer (even _I_ figured that out without any frustration)
  2. Bring up the Bluetooth Devices window (Start -> “bluetooth” -> Bluetooth Devices)
  3. Go to the COM Ports tab and click Add…
  4. Ensure Incoming is selected and click OK
  5. Go to the Devices tab, select your Centro and click Properties
  6. Go to the Services tab, put a check next to Dial-up networking (DUN) and click OK
  7. Click OK again to get rid of the Bluetooth Devices window
  8. On the Centro, select Bluetooth connectivity mode and enable modem mode (I also suppressed built in DUN under the menu options in USB Modem)

Then, we create the network connection.

  1. Go to the Network and Sharing Center
  2. Click “Connect to a network” link on left
  3. Click “Standard Modem over Bluetooth link” or whatever you named it
  4. Enter the phone number (#777 for me with Sprint) and the username/password for your data plan (the username is displayed in the network prefs on the Centro; I’m not sure exactly where to find the password, but I got mine from a representative one time when on the phone)
  5. Click Connect

Does it work? I think those are the steps I followed. I sometimes have to toggle the bluetooth radio on my laptop to get it to work. I have a Dell Latitude D630 with Vista. I assume, but don’t know, that you could safely substitute “Treo” for “Centro” in the instructions above.

I hope that helps someone!

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  1. 1 Margaret

    yes, thank you very much! you helped me to use PDAnet to pair my Vista Business laptop via bluetooth with my GSM Centro that I imported to the U.S. from the UK. I’m using T-Mobile. for T-Mobile users the phone number to enter is *99***1# and you leave the username and password blank.

    The part you helped me to learn was that I needed to add the COM port in the Bluetooth Devices window, which I hadn’t read anywhere else.

    You’ll be interested to know I’m getting faster speeds using the PDAnet software than with USBmodem. PDAnet is letting me connect at 2.4 Mbps using either USB or Bluetooth. With the USBmodem software I’m only getting 921.6 kpbs for some reason. You may be getting faster speeds on SPRINT.

    I can definitely see a difference in how fast web pages are loading. so although PDAnet costs more, that’s what I’ll be buying. I also found PDAnet easier to use than the USBmodem software.

    I had to use the “Disable Built-In DUN” option of the USBmodem software to get the bluetooth in PDAnet to work. Also in PDAnet you have to make sure the settings in the PDA desktop point to the same COM port.

    The other tricky thing is that when using Bluetooth, if you’re using Chatteremail or some other program that is programmed to poll the internet on a regular basis, you need to shut down and disconnect those programs, or change the settings so that they don’t poll while you’re using PDAnet, in order to get the Bluetooth DUN to work.

    Thanks again! While I’ll probably connect using a USB cable most of the time because it’s faster and less hassle to set up the connection, it’s reassuring to know I can get the Bluetooth DUN to work if I misplace the cable when I’m away from home.

  2. 2 Chris

    I installed PDANet and am VERRRRYY happy with it. 1.5meg upload, 150k download.

  3. 3 Gary

    I have a Centro with AT&T I’m looking for USB connect software, I can connect via Bluetooth without any third party software. AT&T shows you how to connect the Bluetooth in the My Centro instructions. I had a Treo 650 which was more complex but using DUN and Bluetooth to surf the net from my laptop seem built-in once I setup the DUn in windows and added the number, username and password. I don’t understand why ur using a third party app for Bluetooth DUN, for USB (work laptop doesn’t have Bluetooth) I need either PDAnet or USBmodem.

  4. 4 Alejandra

    I’m paying on my Sprint for a data plan so I can surf the web on my phone. Does that work? Or do I need to pay extra? I’m a bit confused! I had called Sprint a long time ago and they said I would need to pay extra and buy that card. Hope they weren’t just trying to make me buy something! Help!

  5. 5 Brad

    Happened on this sight, maybe you can help. I’ve established a live, local bluetooth network connection between my Centro and my Dell XP SV2 Laptop. How do I get Blazer (Palms’ internet software) to recognize the bluetooth connection with my PC and to use it . . . it always seems to revert to the AT&T supplied (pay as you go) network connection.

  6. 6 Erica

    I have read about maybe trying to bridge a connection in your network settings for the bluetooth to internet (google this)

    also here is a good way to get internet from your pc to your palm centro

    I have M-Router sucessfully working on my dell vista laptop (no dongle) and also on a old XP desktop pc (with a dongle)

    We have 2 palm phones and can use both with each computer and browse online with bluetooth connection. (not the same computer at the same time)

    This is my current challenge: Can I connect 2 palm phones to M-Router on the same computer at the same time with bluetooth?

    Brad, you need to fix a setting in the network preferences on your palm that allows it to fallback to the other connection. Check the above link, the settings screen shots may help you.

  7. 7 Erica

    Our palm phones are both AT&T Centro
    I do not pay for the data plan.

  8. 8 Veragotarora

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  9. 9 dawn

    i have a palm centro with AT&T .. can i get the pdanet software on my phone or i only can get the usb modem? and do i just put my phone in the cradle to get the internet on my laptop right?

  1. 1 Consumer Electronics : Is there a way to use the palm centro to get internet on my laptop?

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