Drafts Revealed

I have eight posts that have been saved as drafts with half ideas written. Some of them have been sitting there for years. I’m sick of seeing them listed there, so I’m going to clean them all out in one post. Here they are in brief.

In January of 2007, we bought a new car, I planned, purchased supplies for and installed a dog kennel in our back yard (in MI obviously), we started getting heavily into wedding plans and I think I self diagnosed myself as bipolar or something. Also, Kuma was turning into a very good puller of me on a bike. This post was all over the place.

In March of 2007, I was inspired by a co-worker’s attempt at waking up at 5 AM (see here). I was proving to be fairly successful at getting up at 5 AM for a while. Some things that helped me were to disallow the snooze button entirely and to move the alarm into the bathroom. Also, preparing my clothes the night before helped me avoid that period of time where you figure out what to where which was also when I was dangerously tempted to just lie back down. I was fine as long as I was out of the bedroom area by the time my post-wake up adrenaline wore off.

In June of 2007, I decided that one of the best motivators to get me to work out was to limit my work out session to 30 minutes, regardless. So, I get in what I get in in 30 minutes instead. I’m boxed to a time limit instead of completing a certain set of exercises. That was liberating for me for some reason. I still do the time limit thing today.

In spring of 2007, I started counting the nutrition of EVERYTHING I ate. I counted calories, fat, protein, carbs, fiber and sugar. It was tedious but very fun. I stopped around mid-summer because wedding planning was hectic. I haven’t started again, but I still adhere to 4-5 meals a day and sticking to roughly the correct proportions of carbs, protein and fat in each meal.

In June of 2007, I also decided that the best way to get anything done that you really wanted to get done was to do the first preparation steps for the task at the time you’re thinking about how important it is for you to get it done.

In January of 2008, with the housing crisis hitting full steam and many of the brokerage firms losing money, I questioned how someone could let a brokerage that is losing so much money convince them that they’ll do any better with that person’s money.

In January of 2008, I also encountered my third canceled flight IN A ROW. I’ve been luckier since.

There you have it.

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  1. 1 Cylindria

    You know, I love that Forgo has provided me with an alter-ego in his entries. She is generally much cooler and nicer than the real deal. In theory, I love the idea of a journal, I enjoy looking back on the things we done and reminiscing. But who will ever read this or is that even the point?

    Forgo has been in Michigan for nearly 6 days and I’ve been by myself with Loki & Kuma. The Boys have been surprisingly easy to manage by myself this time. However, they haven’t slept in their crates all week. I can’t bear to put them in them, since they are spending the days cooped up. Kuma has been well behaved compared with the last time Forgo was out of town. We made our daily evening trips to the dog park, where Kuma decided to annoy a mean old greyhound named Edge. Edge does not like being humped and is pretty aggressive it letting other dogs know. However, Edge was really the problem, it was his owner. She either has something against humpy dogs, like Kuma, or she doesn’t trust her dog not to attack. She ended up stomping out of the dog park on the second day and said to me “your dog doesn’t belong at a dog park”. I was really upset and embarrassed by this situation. I was mad too. It has taken me some time to figure out what my deal was, but I think I finally have come to a conclusion I am satisfied with. I realized I have some issues managing my little problem child. He is a handful. He is like wild teenager and I am his frustrated parent. I needed to get a grip on his behavior and I was embarrassed that I was so incompetent. However, the greyhound’s owner was an intolerant witch. It is a dog park and dogs are going to play and be pests to other dogs. She didn’t belong at the dog park. Her dog probably would have worked things out with pesky Kuma or any other annoying dog. He would have figured it out if she gave him the chance. SHE WAS THE PROBLEM. She made me feel like Kuma was a bad dog and didn’t belong, and for several days I believed it.

    We’ve been to the park everyday since Forgo’s been gone. Kuma’s been pretty good and I think I’ve been doing a better job disciplining him. Loki gets ignored at the park… by me… but there is a kid who live in the nearby apartments who who toss the ball around with him. I don’t think he realizes how helpful he’s being. Nice kid, I will save his story for another time.

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