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Climbing in Clear Creek

My cousin was driving through town on his way to Yellowstone and stopped by for a couple of days. He’s really into rock climbing (we climbed with him in Kentucky if you remember) and wanted to do some climbing while he was here. He knew of some climbing in Clear Creek and took me a long with him. It was some great climbing and a lot of fun.

These were our second and third climbs:

Here’s me making a sweet move on the second climb:

The rest of the pictures are here.

The leanest of them all!

Yah, that’s right. Colorado wins:

I say it’s because of all of the Ethiopian restaurants around here.

From here.

Two months

Hard to believe it’s been that long. Time FLIES. It’s amazing how the inspiration for things ebbs and flows. Hopefully this one will come back soon. I have some pictures and stories burning a hole in my hard drive.