Global Warming Makes Me Lazy

Winter storms impact the productivity of business. People can’t get to the office so they “work” from home. Other people that can make it in to the office have to cover for those people that can’t. Deliveries are delayed. Work stops because deliveries are delayed and people can’t make it to the office. I wonder if there’s a measure of this loss of productivity somewhere?

And then let’s assume global warming is real and is man-influenced (stick with me here). Business is against many of the measures to reduce man’s impact on global warming because it would raise costs and be anti-competitive. I’m sure there are measures somewhere that show this negative impact to businesses?

Well, let’s say the increased moisture in the air from global warming is causing these more severe winter storms. If you compared the negative impact of the severe winter storms against the negative impact of measures to reduce global warming, which would come out worse? Would it make good business sense to spend on reducing global warming to gain on increased productivity resulting from fewer winter storms?

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