Small > Big

There are not many big decisions in life.

It may seem that there are. That some big decision is a pivotal moment that forever alters the course of someone’s life. But it only ever happens like that in the soundbite or tagline.

What there are a lot of in life are small choices.

All of those small choices result in who you are and what you’re doing. Most big decisions are really just a culmination of small choices. Small choices are easy to make once (“I’m going to eat a salad for lunch”). But how many times can you make that small choice? And how many times does a big decision (“I’m going to eat healthier”) really just end up coming down to whether you can keep making the small choices. Every time. Day in and day out.

It’s not glamorous. And it’s not easy. But maybe if you remember that every small choice counts, then changing your life will be easier.

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