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Pentium III 700 Mhz

Well, it looks like Intel has felt the heat from the new AMD Athlon and is soon coming out with the PIII 700. Check out Intel’s site here. On another note, I wonder if Intel is ever going to come out with some RISC processors (this also means Microsoft would have to write Windows code for the different chip architecture). Apple did it about five years ago when they switched to the Power PC architecture which eventually spawned into the G3 and now the G4 (which BTW are a lot better at number crunching than the Pentium class because they do it at either 64 or 128 bits instead of 32).


YES!!! I just got free Red Wings tickets to the Sharks game tomorrow. Look for me on ESPN at 7:30.


I was watching TV the other day and I finally saw the new Porsche Boxster S commercial (which BTW is a great commercial). I love Porsche’s and I think they make the best sports cars in the world. I’ll take a 911 turbo any day over a stock Viper or Vette. Check out my future car here.


Whats up people? The flu has been beating the crap out of me for the past two days, but my body decided to open a can of whoopass on it this morning, just in case you cared. Anywho, I am currently in a network administration class at school and I needed to get some info on writing shell scripts (if anyone knows of any good sites that aren’t worded like yiddish, please e-mail me – thanks). So I decided to buy a book and unleash the power of my mind. I ordered ‘Learning the bash shell – 2nd ed.’, an O’Reilly and Associates book (the best computer books out there, BTW) online for $20 + $5 for shipping. The cool thing is that this book costs $30 at Borders or Barnes & Noble, and I don’t even have to drive up there. I just open my mail tommorow and *poof* – my book. Cool. Check out some other good deals at here.

Hello, again

Nice new look, forgo. Well, alas, Michigan was defeated by the Spartans of Michigan State. Damn, Michigan was heading for another Big Ten title. Oh well, the game was awesome. I love walking around the enemy stadium in the other teams colors. Although I don’t recommend wearing a Red Wings jersey at a Chicago Blackhawks game (they don’t like us too much ;). Check out more from Michigan-Michigan St. at ESPN Sportszone.