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Not a good weekend

On Saturday I went swimming with my expensive camera phone. On Sunday lightning struck my house and blew up two computers, a laser copy/fax machine and a few other things. On Monday I was carrying some Sam Adam’s Cream Stout and the bottom gave out and I broke a bottle. Beer was everywhere. I think I’m going to cry.

Holy crap that’s cool

Anything that prevents my fingers from getting cut off is a Good Thing (TM) in my book.

I Love Death

Hey. Watch this video. It’s a flash music video from a band in Finland.

Family Guy

If they actually come out with Family Guy: The Movie, I’d uhm, go see it. Oh I hope they actually do it! Check this out too for a cool Stewie flash and stuff.

This is getting expensive!

I broke two E strings in a 24 hour period. Grr…

Must be hot in there

Okay, I just got back from a walk outside and noticed that an apartment had their air conditioning turned on tonight in this very building. Uhm, it is 18°F out right now, and feels like 6°F. What the hell?

Random musings…

Thank god 24 is back on. It’s sitting on the TiVo, just waiting for me! Yay!

I think I’m the only person that has not seen the new Lord of the Rings yet. Hmm.

No matter how much I listen, I never really get sick of Led Zeppelin. It is just that good.

I wonder if it is too late to register to vote. I got something in the mail a while ago, but never sent it in. Now I regret not sending it in.

Who wants to go to the 2004 Detroit auto show?

None of you are real.

Never underestimate the power of caffeine! Coffee can also be very hot, as I and my tounge found out the hard way about an hour ago.


This is what happens when you get a bunch of people in NetMeeting.


I need food! I haven’t eaten since yesterday’s lunch. Just a few more hours to go… I must hold out.

What’s on the kitchen floor…

Looking at the kitchen floor, I spy: one Cheerio, cherry gum, cooked ramen noodles, a pube, a melted apple Jolly Rancher, bacon, an empty diet Coke can, a Wendy’s salt packet, another pube, popped popcorn, a pube, more popcorn, a french fry, something unknown, various hair, grits of some sort, a Teddy Graham foot and more popcorn.

The counters are clean, though!