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Skiing in Winter Park, CO

Cylindria and I took our first Colorado skiing trip a couple of weeks ago. Wow, it was beautiful. Breathtaking 30 minute lift rides up and hour long skiing back down. I’m sure the appreciation of the view and such wears off after a while, and a ski trip just turns into trying to get in as much skiing as possible. I hope that takes a while, though! Here’s the view from half way down the mountain or so.

The only point of reference I have is skiing on a giant hill of garbage in Michigan that they converted to a ski hill that needs fake snow blown onto most of the time. Skiing on Mt. Garbage consists of riding a lift or tow line up for a minute or two and then skiing down for 30 seconds. Rinse and repeat. See the difference:


Back to our CO skiing. The day started at 7 with a fantastic drive into the mountains during sunrise. We took a beginner-ish lesson to learn some basics so we wouldn’t die. Our instructor was a trip. He took us around the mountain for three hours showing us the ropes and then we were on our own. The top of the mountain was much better for us because it was less crowded, so I wouldn’t take down a group of people when I fell. I fell more than she did, but I blame it on taking more risks. Here’s me between falls:

My natural complexion is ghost white going on invisible, so I applied sunscreen three or four times during the day. Cylindria only put some on early in the morning. She toasted herself BAD. Her face swelled into a giant red balloon the next morning. It was bad. Here she is tearing up the slopes while cooking:

We ended up skiing for about 6 hours or so, which was a LONG time for us. We had to take a nap on the drive down the mountain so I didn’t sleep drive us off the road (and mountain).

Anyway, was a great time. We’ll be heading back next season. Go here for more pictures.


I. Must. Resist. Please repeat: “Posting updates about myself throughout the day is distracting to me, and no one cares anyway.”

But but … what if I go to jail!? I could sneak a tweet while in the cop car, and all of my friends would come to my rescue! It could save my life!

No! Be firm. You can do it. Do not feed your techno-addiction any further … But it might be too late.

Board of Directors

I’m running for my first Board of Directors position. It’s for our neighborhood association. If elected, I will be the second homeowner on the board for my neighborhood. I spent an hour last night walking around to houses in my neighborhood introducing myself and asking for votes. I haven’t walked door to door for anything since I was a kid (well, excluding Halloween… which lasted into college). I felt some combination of annoying and creepy. Most people took to it well, though, and it doesn’t seem like I’ll have a problem collecting the needed 12 votes.

The Brave Sheep

We saw The Bravery last Thursday in Colorado Springs at The Black Sheep. Turns out it was a very small little bar with a posted maximum occupancy of 397 (which we think COULD be possible if everyone were belly to back with some more on the others’ shoulders). It was a very good (and fun!) show. We were probably 8 people back from the stage, and being that close makes it surprisingly more enjoyable. Cylindria’s been Bravery obsessed every since.

I took a video of Explosions in the Sky from a couple of weeks ago and The Bravery from last week, but haven’t taken time to figure out the easiest way to get them onto the site. The videos are pretty horrible anyway. If anything, all I did by not uploading them was save you a headache.

Are CO beds different from MI beds?

I’m heading back to Michigan for five days. Got a ticket 7 days ago for the best price I’ve ever seen for a Denver to Flint flight (although I’ve only ever looked for a Flint to Denver flight – does that matter much?). Gonna ride the bus from the park n ride near my house to the airport. It’s convenient AND affordable!

We bought a bed last night (not the mattress — just the bed). Saw it in the store, and we both said “Whoa, that’s perfect.” Then we bought it online the next night because it was $200 cheaper. Let’s hope the store holds up to its 4.5 star review rating! Rugs are next.

Update: Our bed arrived, and I got it set up. I’ve determined that Colorado beds (again, not including mattresses) are more sophisticated, mature and much cooler than Michigan beds. However, my opinion may be biased because I’ve only ever bought a bed in Colorado, and I’ve never bought a bed in Michigan. My assumption is that beds in Michigan were just not good enough for me to buy.

Explosions in the Sky


We’re going to a concert tomorrow night at a small theatre (see, they spell it “THEATRE” on the ticket so there) in Denver. I’ve liked Explosions in the Sky for years and just happened to see them listed on the marquee for the theatre as we drove back from the Flatirons on the weekend. I yelled, “Hey!” and cranked my neck backwards to confirm and then tried to not swerve into oncoming traffic and then bought some tickets at home (I feel extorted by TicketMaster, though). Should be a grand time!


I work from home now (which is good and bad, but that’s a different story). Denver is very dry. And winter is very dry. And I don’t think our furnace has any humidifying capability. So the air in the house is almost always very dry. This results in a lot of static shocks. I’m very conscious around computers and things, and I discharge before I start working (typically by touching a screw in a light switch panel). Unfortunately, my dogs don’t understand why their nose gets shocks randomly when they sniff things around the house. They also don’t realize that it’s bad for computers. This results in Kuma shuffling his feet around the house and rolling around on the carpet and then heading for my desk. I can hear the static crackling on his hair. Then he goes in for the sniff on my keyboard tray and *ZAP*. He recoils and the shock goes into my tray and my keyboard and makes it stop working. I have to unplug and plug it back in to make it work again. Good stuff.

I Heart Chicken

I ate a chicken heart tonight. I was told to squeeze lime juice on it, sprinkle salt on it and eat it up. It was about the size of an olive. It was crunchy then chewy. It didn’t taste like much but tasted worse the longer you chewed it. It was not particularly good.

Busy Weekend

This weekend …

We got our washer and dryer. Cylindria is a laundry fiend. She’s had withdrawal. She’ll be cheerier after she’s had her fix.

We took the boys to the vet for the first time in Denver. The vet (like nearly everything else) is very close — about 1 mile away. We suspected the dogs were sick. They’ve been at the dog park every day with tons of other dogs, have been drinking from the water dish at the dog park (which ends up being half water and half dog saliva) and have not been vaccinated with Bordetella (which protects against doggie colds). The vet said they likely don’t have it or have a very mild case. They’ve been dog park deprived all weekend, though.

We bought our window treatments. They’re these in Camel with top down and down up. We should have them in a couple of weeks. We’ll continue practicing our naked window avoidance skills until then.

We bought trash cans for the bathrooms and drawer organizers for the kitchen. EXCITING!!

I finished sealing the kitchen granite tile counter top. Phew. I also got our wood floor cleaning supplies. It looks really nice after a good washing.

We live in Denver now

We moved almost exactly two weeks ago. I have not updated this place nearly as much as I wanted to. So I’m filled with things to write about and nothing to show for it. If history proves correct, then I will continue to not update this place. At least not for months. Let’s hope history lies.

In the meantime, you can read some interesting things about Denver and Colorado here: and here