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I work from home now (which is good and bad, but that’s a different story). Denver is very dry. And winter is very dry. And I don’t think our furnace has any humidifying capability. So the air in the house is almost always very dry. This results in a lot of static shocks. I’m very conscious around computers and things, and I discharge before I start working (typically by touching a screw in a light switch panel). Unfortunately, my dogs don’t understand why their nose gets shocks randomly when they sniff things around the house. They also don’t realize that it’s bad for computers. This results in Kuma shuffling his feet around the house and rolling around on the carpet and then heading for my desk. I can hear the static crackling on his hair. Then he goes in for the sniff on my keyboard tray and *ZAP*. He recoils and the shock goes into my tray and my keyboard and makes it stop working. I have to unplug and plug it back in to make it work again. Good stuff.

Loki’s Birthday

Yesterday was Loki’s 1st birthday. We sang him a song, but he didn’t get any presents. He is apparently the equivalent of a 10.5 year old child now. And I am the equivalent of a 3.25 year old dog.

The Dog Park

Loki’s been visiting dog parks around the area for the last couple of weeks. There are about 4 of them that are within an acceptable drive’s distance away. There is one in Ann Arbor that has had the most dogs so far. When we went last Monday, there were about 20 dogs all running around chasing each other and playing keep away with sticks and jumping in the water. It was amazing to me at first to see so many dogs getting along and playing together. Very cool.

More pictures from the park are here.


Loki is the champ. He’s doing well and really starting to fill in. Let me try to recap in brief.

  • He _LOVES_ the snow. He can just sit and lay and play in it indefinitely. I’ll have to put up some pictures of his first snow. Very cute.
  • We’re getting him ready to pull a sled. He’s being harness trained now so he can pull his sled soon. Along with that goes the command training. Gee = right. Haw = left.
  • We are becoming much more comfortable with him having access to the entire house. He used to be restricted to the downstairs. Now, he’s allowed to roam the upstairs, also. He’s learned to ask to go outside upstairs and downstairs, which helps alleviate concerns about leaks on the carpet.
  • He sleeps in the bed for part of the night now! We like that. But can’t let him get spoiled to the point that he expects it and won’t sleep without it.

That’s good for now. Until next time.

Neuter Stitches

The good boy got his stitches out last night! They said he healed very nicely and that he seemed to be very well behaved for a Siberian Husky puppy. I guess we’re doing a good job!

The Neuter Cone

Here’s that cone. This was when he was still feeling the anesthesia. He actually looks fairly aware in this picture compared to how he was acting at the time.

Neutering Update

They’re gone!

He was in a bad mood the whole day after it happened. He whined in the car all the way home. He whined at home whenever someone wasn’t talking to him and petting him. Then, unfortunately, we had to go out for the night for a friend’s birthday party. When we got back, he was fine! He was happy and licky and waggy and running around the house and outside like his normal self. If it wasn’t for the big plastic cone on his head (picture coming soon!), you wouldn’t know anything had happened at all.

His aunt was watching him for the night while we were gone, and apparently the story goes like this. He was whining the whole night and then from one second to the next, BAM! he was fine. He started running around the house, chasing the other dog and doing everything he could to drive her crazy. Apparently, he didn’t like the after effects of the anesthesia. As soon as that wore off, he was fine. He’s been a champ since. We give him pain pills, but I don’t think he even needs them.

Neutering a.k.a. Where’d They Go?!

The neutering happens today! He’s five months and 10 days old. It was supposed to be a week ago, but we unknowingly gave him some food the morning of the surgery which we’re not supposed to do but weren’t told to not do except for a message the vet left for us the day before that we didn’t get until after we fed him.

Wish him luck!

These might be fun: Neuticles.


I like this picture. He looks like he’s sneaking up behind a poor unsuspecting cat or something.

Five Months

Loki’s five months old now and 32 pounds. We’re progressing his training (slowly) with work on keeping his attention through distractions with the help of the snap lead mentioned before. It seems like an electric shocker trainer would be more effective, though, but we’ll see how the snap lead does.

We also got a gentle leader, which basically lets us lead him by his mouth instead of his neck, giving us much more control when walking him and discouraging him from pulling on the leash during walks. It works really well! The only downside is that it looks a bit like a muzzle, and people we pass mistake it for a muzzle and think we must have a dangerous wolf with a muzzle to protect people.