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Climbing in Clear Creek

My cousin was driving through town on his way to Yellowstone and stopped by for a couple of days. He’s really into rock climbing (we climbed with him in Kentucky if you remember) and wanted to do some climbing while he was here. He knew of some climbing in Clear Creek and took me a long with him. It was some great climbing and a lot of fun.

These were our second and third climbs:

Here’s me making a sweet move on the second climb:

The rest of the pictures are here.

Pike’s Peak Cog Railway

We decided to go up Pike’s Peak when my dad was in town. Me working in the railroad industry was immediately attracted to the Pike’s Peak Cog Railway. We made our reservations and heading down to Colorado Springs to ride the train up the mountain. During the drive down, we could see snow blowing off of the top of Pike’s Peak in the wind. It was very gusty. Unfortunately, this proved to be a problem for us.

The train couldn’t go all the way to the summit (14,110 ft). The winds when we got to about Windy Point (12,129 ft) were incredible. The windows on the train banged in their frames and the train rocked back and forth. Crazy. So it sucked that we couldn’t get out of the train and walk around at the top, but we could see this:

Cog trains are kind of neat. I won’t try to explain how they work; read here for details. I will say, though, that they can climb very steep grades, and the one we were on had front and back facing seats. We had back facing seats and had to fight gravity to not tumble face first into the people’s laps in front of us.

We made a stop on the way back down so we could walk around and use the “facilities” (a picnic table or two and a port-a-potty). I had a chance to take some obligatory pictures of the train and rail at that point.

More pictures are here.

Hiking on Bald Mountain

My dad was in town last weekend, and he didn’t realize that he was in for a weekend of physical activity. We had him walking to and around the dog park, walking to the bus and around downtown and the ultimate challenge: hiking up a small mountain in Colorado.

We wanted to take him hiking somewhere and found a nice looking hike on Bald Mountain in book of easy day hikes. It offered a great view at the summit, was short and wasn’t a there and back hike where you had to re-walk the same trail. The only question mark was this pesky 240 ft of elevation gain. I wasn’t sure exactly sure how bad that would be.

So we packed up on the day of the hike, drove to Boulder and up some serious inclines to get to the trail head and finally set out on our hike. The first thing we see is a warning about mountain lions. The sign says to throw stones and sticks at mountain lions you run into to scare them away. I wasn’t too worried though. I’m confident that Kuma would have tried to hump any mountain lions until they ran away in frustration. That’s just what Kuma does.

When we finally did start climbing the mountain, it turns out 240 ft is a lot more difficult than I thought. We wanted to give my dad a nice easy stroll, and we ended up putting him in front of a difficult inclined climb. To his massive credit, he was a trooper and impressed big time with his gumption. He made it to the top and back down without a peep. The reward at the top is a bench with a nice view:

The boys also made it to the top without any trouble:

We like hiking a lot. I think I enjoy hiking more than skiing. We definitely need some better hiking gear though before we do anything too adventurous. I’ve been hiking in running shoes which aren’t good for protecting the bottom of my feet from sharp rocks or for stopping my ankles from rolling over. The book bags we’re using for carrying supplies really don’t provide the needed support for hours of use. I think the things we need are:

  • Hiking boots
  • Hiking packs (probably with water built in a la Camelbaks)
  • Proper supplies to fill the packs with in case of emergencies
  • Packs for the dogs
  • Walking poles possibly
  • Booties for the dogs possibly

Hopefully we will hike frequently during the summer. I want to try to get up some fourteeners (peaks over 14,000 feet) this year so I can summit Pike’s Peak next March when there’s still snow at the top. That’s my goal!



Kuma’s Fat Asthma

We think Kuma is an overweight asthmatic (not really). He’s tubby with a lot of fat rolls (he’s still a puppy), and he breathes heavily all of the time, especially when he’s on his side or back (he runs around outside for hours without problem). Do they make doggy inhalers?


I want to try a vegan diet for a month. No real reason other than to try it. And of course to get back at the evil meat empire. I hate empires. Especially of meat. But really, I went without milk for a month once. Or maybe I only drank milk for a month. I don’t remember. But either way, veganism is much more difficult, I’m sure. Plus, I’m a very picky eater. It’s scheduled for mid-January-February-ish. Anyone want to join in?


Years ago my mother used to say to me, she’d say, “In this world, Elwood, you must be” — she always called me Elwood — “In this world, you must be oh so smart or oh so pleasant.” Well, for years I was smart. I recommend pleasant. And you may quote me.

Software Update (or E/N = Old)

So, forgo daily has been around for a while. From back in the days when ‘blogs’ were ‘E/N‘ sites. Obviously, the Everything/Nothing name didn’t last (you can still see me here). It’s been 6 years, but forgo daily is still running the same software to post the news (you can search or browse the archives all the way back). Admittedly it’s severely modified and hacked apart by now, but it still may be recognizable as News Publisher by Grant somebody (whose site was apparently hosted by Roosh who is harder to find now but is a DJ in D.C. — ahh, the nostalgia).

Anyway, the thing I like about what I have now is that the comments for posts are handled by the forum. So, there’s one place to go to see all forgo daily posts and comments and forum posts. Everything else about it I hate — the lack of easy customization, the interface for writing forgo daily items, the fact that I’m locked into an old version of the script and forum because of the changes, the lack of ease in putting pictures or content from other sites into posts and everything else. I would love to switch to WordPress (as Loki’s page uses (soo much easier and enjoyable to write items and add features), but I lose the forum integration.

Tell me, what should I do?


There’s a lot of construction between my house and my office. Every morning it’s like navigating a gauntlet. From one day to the next, it’s almost impossible to tell what roads will be opened or closed. I think in the beginning of the construction season (there were dinosaurs), they at least tried to notify people. You’d see signs saying, “Road will be closed starting August 1” or whatever. Then you’d see that sign on some other road saying it was going to be closed. And eventually I think those workers got sick of lugging that sign around every day, and they chucked it off of a bridge. Then they told there boss, “Uhh, no, I don’t know what happened to it. Some damn kid most have taken it.” So then they couldn’t notify us of roads closing anymore. And now the only notice we get is an orange sign that says “Road work ahead” on the day it’s happening and anyone’s guess is as good as mine as to what that might mean. Sometimes it means they’re fixing something on the side of the road, and sometimes the entire road is closed. So, every morning we cross our fingers, take a deep breath and hope we make it to work without having to turn around more than twice.

Oh yeah, I also hate it when you’re at a four way stop that expands from a single lane to two at the intersection to allow people to turn right without waiting and someone wants to save 20 seconds so they go out into the right lane and then go straight and try to merge back into the lane.

Driver’s License

Do you think anybody ever moves to a state because they like how that state’s driver’s license looks?