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How much?

I don’t remember this ever happening to me before and within the last 24 hours, I’ve run across the same frustrating situation twice. I’m at a store, and I want to buy something. But which brand do I want? And which model is right for me exactly? I decide it’s a toss up and that the price of each will have to factor into the decision. But how much does it cost? I don’t see a price on the item. It’s hanging on the peg of some other item (which DOES have a price label right on the package). After looking until I’m sure there is no price for it anywhere to be found, I’m forced to carry everything I want a price for all the way to the front of the store to get a price check. Of all annoying things in life, this ranks fairly low, but still, yah.

I remember my brother complaining once because he was being forced to put price labels on ALL items in the store (he was the manager of an OfficeMax). It doesn’t seem like such a bad idea any more.

New Dog

I got a new dog. He’s a champ. Click click.


So, it’s like, when I go in the bathroom at work and someone is in there and it smells, I feel like I need to hurry up and do my business so I can mask the smell with my own and breathe freely again. You know?


Does this site exist?

My Dog Died Last Night

This is P-Jay. He was 15 years old. He’d been having seizures the last few days brought on by Cushing’s Disease. He was scheduled to be put to sleep this morning, but he decided he would have none of that. Instead, he had a massive seizure last night and stopped living. He was a good dog, and he will be missed. Here’s to P-Jay.

Smell that?

In Ice Storm, Mikey says, “Because of molecules we are connected to the outside world from our bodies. Like when you smell things, because when you smell a smell it’s not really a smell, it’s a part of the object that has come off of it — molecules. So when you smell something bad, it’s like in a way you’re eating it. This is why you should not really smell things, in the same way that you don’t eat everything in the world around you – because as a smell, it gets inside of you. So the next time you go into the bathroom after someone else has been there, remember what kinds of molecules you are in fact eating.”

For some reason, I’m forced to remember that every time I visit a visited restroom.


I was sitting with my girlfriend and my girlfriend’s dog the other day. I won’t give you the context, but at one point, in reference to the dog and his special parts, my girlfriend says, “I miss his balls.” “Hmmmmm…” I say.

Female Police Officers

Don’t you find female police officers just a little bit sexy? With there hair pulled back and their sunglasses and their taught lips. I know you do. Don’t you want to get pulled over just a little bit? I know you want to. Maybe you can get out of your ticket if you tell her she’s sexy.


After 3 months, I found my watch! I thought it was gone forever! *weeps for joy*

1 Gallon 1 Hour

My company recently moved into a new office. We were worried our antics would forever stay in our old office (a converted apartment). But the good news is that we seem to take our fun/action/stupidity with us wherever we go. We’ve gotten some folks at our new office to enter the water challenge. The challenge is to drink 1 gallon of water in 1 hour. We’re not sure exactly how tough it will be. I’ll let you know.

Update: It’s not THAT hard. Four of the six competitors successfully finished their gallons. One guy threw his water up before finishing. Another lost his water after finishing. The fastest time was about 48 minutes. The longest was 59 minutes and some seconds. Now we need to figure out what’s next. (Please drink responsibly.)