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Go Britney!

She did it! She wrote a song! And she did it all by herself. And can you believe that after a year long vacation, she came back and actually WORKED on some of the songs on her album HERSELF. I mean, come on. What other artists can say they actually wrote ONE song on their own album and, on top of that, helped with some of the others? That’s something else. Don’t believe me? Read it yourself.

Infantile Stupid

I swallowed my freakin’ gum. The whole piece. And I just put it in. It was an accident. Dammit.

Netflix for Games

Here’s to Bonesaw’s gaming problem. Bonesaw liked Netflix because he never had to leave the house. Now, he plays a lot of games. The only problem is he has to leave the house to rent them. In steps GoVoJo. Now he can play all of the games he wants and never leave the house! Yay!

Update: It’s been made known to me that there is another site that rents games over the Internet: GameFly. I’m not sure which is better, but they both have free 10 day trials. And if I can do simple addition, that’s 20 days worth of free games for Bonesaw.

Uh-Oh: Now I’m obsessed. I made a page on which I’m going to review online video game rental sites. You can see it here. I wonder how long this motivation will last.

Star Wars Kid

He‘s funny.


What’s wrong with the webpages of Yahoo, CNN and the Whitehouse? The Website Mixmaster got a hold of them. Post your funny mixes!

Rainbows are pretty. I don’t know why I shoot at them.

I don’t know why I didn’t post this when I first stumbled upon it. Anyway, check out this guy’s funny eBay feedback.

One Month Anniversary

Today marks the One Month Anniversary of the last time anything was written here. Yay!

Google is Brokened

I broke Google.

The Architect Reloaded

You saw The Matrix Reloaded, but did you catch the entire conversation between Neo and The Architect? I didn’t, apparently. But this helps. It’s cleared up two confusions for me thus far, exactly what the images on the screens were and what would have happened if Neo had chosen the other door. I sort of knew, but now I know. Or think I know.


Someone mentioned to me earlier this week about renewing a subscription to Maxim. I subscribed half a year ago through this link. Seems to be quite a deal. Although Maxim, FHM and Stuff have begun to wear on me, I would do it for Razor and Details. I like ’em.