Midwest Championships 6 - Marvel vs Capcom 2 Videos

Here we go again. This is my coverage of the latest Midwest Championships held on June 23, 2002 at Nickel City, Northbrook, IL. I have approximately 3 hours of MvC2 footage this year (plus an hour or so of CvS2 footage). I will be putting most (or all) of that here. I will be putting it up as soon as I have it ready.

I was recording a little on Saturday and most of the day Sunday. So, towards the end of the event, my batteries were getting low. I had to fight hard to not record some matches to preserve battery life for later in the tournament. At one point, I even had to leave the area for a bit to charge a battery a little (and thanks go to Seth Killian for holding my chair and allowing us a nice view of the finals). With regard to the finals, you will notice a piece missing from match 7. It's not that I didn't notice the battery was low; I was just trying to push it to the limit so if SiN DID win, I'd have enough battery to record up to 7 more matches.

These videos are no longer available. Thank you for your interest!