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So… we moved to Atlanta. Farewell Colorado (for now). We didn’t get to know you well enough. But all good things end. We’ll miss you.

Beer Log

I’ve lately been thinking about the best way to keep track of the beers I drink. It wasn’t as much of a problem a couple of years ago because I drank the same dozen beers or so and didn’t have as much selection in Michigan. However, since coming to Colorado, I’m confronted with a daunting selection of beer. With dozens of options in just the IPA category, it gets tough to decide which to get and remember if I like them or not.

My plan was to get a few selections from a certain category of beer and just write down what I thought of each and which I like the best. Then I could compare the winners of each round with each other to get my favorites from each category. Then when I’m in the mood for a certain type of beer, I just get my favorite selections of that type. I think I’m going to do that still, but I’m going to use ratebeer.com instead of just writing something down.

I don’t have a lot of confidence in my ability to follow through, but we’ll see!

Hiking on Chief Mountain

My cousin swung back through Denver at the end of his two week trip. We went for a hike on Chief Mountain. The hike starts around 10.7k feet and ends around 11.7k feet. The fact that we were higher than nearly everything around us combined with scattered thunderstorms all around us made for some fantastic views. A chubby chipmunk at the top of the hike made for some fun as well. The hike was short and the drive relatively far, but it was gorgeous.

The rest of the pictures are here.

Climbing in Clear Creek

My cousin was driving through town on his way to Yellowstone and stopped by for a couple of days. He’s really into rock climbing (we climbed with him in Kentucky if you remember) and wanted to do some climbing while he was here. He knew of some climbing in Clear Creek and took me a long with him. It was some great climbing and a lot of fun.

These were our second and third climbs:

Here’s me making a sweet move on the second climb:

The rest of the pictures are here.

The leanest of them all!

Yah, that’s right. Colorado wins:


I say it’s because of all of the Ethiopian restaurants around here.

From here.

State Pride

I would venture that people think there’s something unique about their state that may not really be that unique. “We have THE WORST or THE MOST AGGRESSIVE drivers here.” Or the one I want to talk about today: “Our weather is THE MOST unpredictable — it’s sunny in the morning and snowing at night!”

I lived in Michigan for 28.75 of my 29 years. I thought the weather in Michigan was very odd. People blamed it on being surrounded by lakes. It would be 30 degrees and 80 degrees in the same day with sun, clouds, rain and snow at almost the same time. I thought that was a claim to fame for Michigan. When I traveled, I would exclaim, “You don’t know anything! Michigan weather is craAaAAzy!!” But I’m not so sure anymore.

Colorado weather is as unpredictable as Michigan’s. I’ve experienced it go from mild and sunny to freezing and snowing in an hour. It’s windy and cold when you get home and then sunny and sweaty hot when you go back out a few minutes later with a jacket on. Wednesday it was 83 degrees. Wednesday night it got down to the 30s and snowed by morning. The high on Thursday was 43 degrees.

It’s just as crazy as Michigan. I can’t imagine Colorado and Michigan are unique. Are there just a few areas that have unpredictable weather? Or do all states claim they do and think it’s unique to them?

Update: The “Michigan Left”! There’s another thing that I’m sure doesn’t happen in just Michigan. It’s where you have to turn right and then U-turn to make a left turn.

We live in Denver now

We moved almost exactly two weeks ago. I have not updated this place nearly as much as I wanted to. So I’m filled with things to write about and nothing to show for it. If history proves correct, then I will continue to not update this place. At least not for months. Let’s hope history lies.

In the meantime, you can read some interesting things about Denver and Colorado here:
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