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The Brave Sheep

We saw The Bravery last Thursday in Colorado Springs at The Black Sheep. Turns out it was a very small little bar with a posted maximum occupancy of 397 (which we think COULD be possible if everyone were belly to back with some more on the others’ shoulders). It was a very good (and fun!) show. We were probably 8 people back from the stage, and being that close makes it surprisingly more enjoyable. Cylindria’s been Bravery obsessed every since.

I took a video of Explosions in the Sky from a couple of weeks ago and The Bravery from last week, but haven’t taken time to figure out the easiest way to get them onto the site. The videos are pretty horrible anyway. If anything, all I did by not uploading them was save you a headache.

Explosions in the Sky


We’re going to a concert tomorrow night at a small theatre (see, they spell it “THEATRE” on the ticket so there) in Denver. I’ve liked Explosions in the Sky for years and just happened to see them listed on the marquee for the theatre as we drove back from the Flatirons on the weekend. I yelled, “Hey!” and cranked my neck backwards to confirm and then tried to not swerve into oncoming traffic and then bought some tickets at home (I feel extorted by TicketMaster, though). Should be a grand time!