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Obesity and Voting

I came here tonight to post cute pictures of my dog sleeping in awkward positions. As I scrolled down the page to get to the link to write the post, the 2008 obesity map from a post back in July came on the screen. Something about it caught my eye. I stared at the map as my brain slowly clicked the pieces together.

I’ve spent more of my energy reading about and paying attention to the 2008 election than any previous one. One part of that is watching the polls every day and looking at maps where shades of blue and red become lighter and darker. As I looked at the obesity map, it struck me that it doesn’t look too different than the current 2008 electoral map. Let’s take a look.

Here’s the obesity map:


And here’s the 2008 electoral map prediction from Pollster.com as of October 20, 2008:


Now, I know it’s not perfect, but there definitely is some correlation:

  • 90% of the ten most obese states are leaning Republican (MI, WV, AL, LA, AR, SC, TN, KY, OK)
  • 80% of the ten least obese states are leaning Democrat (CO, HI, CT, MA, VT, RI, DC, NJ)
  • 70% of the twenty most obese states are Republican, 20% Toss Up and 10% Democrat
  • 75% of the twenty least obese states are Democrat, 10% Toss Up and 15% Republican

I don’t purport to imply that the correlation means anything, but it’s fun to think about.

Unhappy Michigan Democrats

A good acquaintance of mine recently wrote a letter to the Democratic National Committee describing his displeasure and confusion at essentially not being able to vote for the democratic candidate but at the same time being asked to donate money to the DNC. He’s not alone in his feelings. While I don’t claim to support or not support his views or any political party, I felt inclined to post his letter (with his permission) simply because I enjoyed it. Here it is:

March 13, 2008

Democratic National Committee
Membership Records Dept.
430 South Capitol Street, SE
Washington, D.C. 20003

Dear DNC,

I’m writing to request that you call me discuss a most puzzling matter, and for your convenience, I have enclosed funds to offset the cost.

As I understand your solicitation letter, which I have received annually since 2002, you want me to support an organization that is determined to deprive me of my vote this coming November. You want me to help fund an effort to disenfranchise me (and untold millions of others in my home state of Michigan as well as Florida) in this one of the most historic opportunities for Democrats since FDR stood at the helm of our nation.

I am proud to say I have supported the Democratic Party with either my votes or financial support since turning 21 and voted for the first time for Lyndon Johnson in 1964, and, yes, for George McGovern in 1972 when hardly anybody else took that courageous step!!

So I am mystified as to why you want, first, to deprive me of continuing this rich history of citizenship and second, to actually help provide money to do it!!

I’m sorry for being so thick-headed, but something just doesn’t feel right, you know?? Granted, I’m going on age 67, and probably won’t have that many more opportunities to support my Democratic candidate for president, and the Democratic Party to which I always subscribe and for which I so proudly cast my presidential vote every four years, and every two years for our Democratic state and national congressional leadership.

But I just don’t get it…

I hark back to the day when we were known as “yellow dog democrats,? the kind of solid party supporter that would even vote for a yellow dog, as long as he/she was a Democrat. Now — well, I just don’t know…

Please call me at <number omitted> any workday evening after 8:30 P.M. when I return home after working 11 hour days and explain to my most befuddled mind how – and why — you want me to help deprive myself of this quadrennial privilege. Many thanks in advance for the courtesy of your response.


<name omitted>
<email address omitted>

I have not included the $.35 that he included with his letter.