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Google Toolbar page cannot be displayed after startup on Dell

This post is as much for my reference as anything. On the last two Dell computers that I’ve unpacked (both running Vista), I get an Internet Explorer pop up window after startup. The title of the window is “Google Toolbar”. The contents just say: “page cannot be displayed” (or possibly “cannot display webpage”). There is no close button on the window — you can hit Alt-F4 to close the window, but the people I’m setting the computers up for don’t know that. So, they’re just stuck with a window on the screen that won’t go away, they can’t close and comes back after every startup.

Instructions to fix this can be found here and are listed below for your convenience:

1.      Launch the Registry Editor
2.      Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows
3.      Look for a key labeled ECenter.  It should have “C:\Dell\E-Center
\EULALauncher.exe” in the data field
4.      Delete this key
5.      Restart your computer

I also created a .reg file that will do this. You should be able to download the file and execute it to delete the appropriate registry value. I BARELY KNOW WHAT I’M DOING SO USE THIS FILE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Download the file here.

I hope this helps someone (and me in the future when I run into the problem again).

USB Modem on Palm Centro with Vista over Bluetooth

I bought Mobile Stream’s USB Modem a bit ago. My laptop at the time didn’t have Bluetooth, so I used it exclusively over USB. Then, I recently got a new laptop that does have Bluetooth. USB Modem works over bluetooth, so I set about figuring out how to set it up. Apparently, it’s supposed to be obvious how to set it up because the USB Modem documentation simply says “Consult the documentation that comes with your Bluetooth software on setting up the DUN connection,” and I could not find any documentation with my bluetooth “software”. My Internet search turned up a bunch of nothing. So, I took bits and pieces of clues from different places, rolled up my sleeves, broke and had to restore my computer and figured it out. I’ll list what I did for the benefit of others cause it worked for me and may work for someone else.

First, we add the bluetooth modem.

  1. Pair the Centro with the computer (even _I_ figured that out without any frustration)
  2. Bring up the Bluetooth Devices window (Start -> “bluetooth” -> Bluetooth Devices)
  3. Go to the COM Ports tab and click Add…
  4. Ensure Incoming is selected and click OK
  5. Go to the Devices tab, select your Centro and click Properties
  6. Go to the Services tab, put a check next to Dial-up networking (DUN) and click OK
  7. Click OK again to get rid of the Bluetooth Devices window
  8. On the Centro, select Bluetooth connectivity mode and enable modem mode (I also suppressed built in DUN under the menu options in USB Modem)

Then, we create the network connection.

  1. Go to the Network and Sharing Center
  2. Click “Connect to a network” link on left
  3. Click “Standard Modem over Bluetooth link” or whatever you named it
  4. Enter the phone number (#777 for me with Sprint) and the username/password for your data plan (the username is displayed in the network prefs on the Centro; I’m not sure exactly where to find the password, but I got mine from a representative one time when on the phone)
  5. Click Connect

Does it work? I think those are the steps I followed. I sometimes have to toggle the bluetooth radio on my laptop to get it to work. I have a Dell Latitude D630 with Vista. I assume, but don’t know, that you could safely substitute “Treo” for “Centro” in the instructions above.

I hope that helps someone!