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Skiing in Winter Park, CO

Cylindria and I took our first Colorado skiing trip a couple of weeks ago. Wow, it was beautiful. Breathtaking 30 minute lift rides up and hour long skiing back down. I’m sure the appreciation of the view and such wears off after a while, and a ski trip just turns into trying to get in as much skiing as possible. I hope that takes a while, though! Here’s the view from half way down the mountain or so.

The only point of reference I have is skiing on a giant hill of garbage in Michigan that they converted to a ski hill that needs fake snow blown onto most of the time. Skiing on Mt. Garbage consists of riding a lift or tow line up for a minute or two and then skiing down for 30 seconds. Rinse and repeat. See the difference:


Back to our CO skiing. The day started at 7 with a fantastic drive into the mountains during sunrise. We took a beginner-ish lesson to learn some basics so we wouldn’t die. Our instructor was a trip. He took us around the mountain for three hours showing us the ropes and then we were on our own. The top of the mountain was much better for us because it was less crowded, so I wouldn’t take down a group of people when I fell. I fell more than she did, but I blame it on taking more risks. Here’s me between falls:

My natural complexion is ghost white going on invisible, so I applied sunscreen three or four times during the day. Cylindria only put some on early in the morning. She toasted herself BAD. Her face swelled into a giant red balloon the next morning. It was bad. Here she is tearing up the slopes while cooking:

We ended up skiing for about 6 hours or so, which was a LONG time for us. We had to take a nap on the drive down the mountain so I didn’t sleep drive us off the road (and mountain).

Anyway, was a great time. We’ll be heading back next season. Go here for more pictures.